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Imperial is a network of 15 different Jub installers that work nationwide, all installers are fully trained and certified by Jub render systems. The benefits of using an approved contractor is that they fully trained and work with Jub products day in day out.

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Why choose Jub render systems

Jub are one of the leading render suppliers within the UK, their products are highly favored by rendering contractors due to the excellent customer service and technical support they offer, also Jub products are of high standard and are easy to work with to achieve a high standard of finish.

Why use a approved installer?

All installers are fully trained and accessed by Jub, any work that has not been installed by an approved contractor and installed incorrectly will be void of the product guarantee Jub offers. The number one reason a render system fails is down to incorrect  installation of the product rather than the product failing  itself, this is why its important to use a contractor that has been fully trained and certified by the render manufacturer.

Also installers can gain access to grants and funding to external wall insulation when available.

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Some of our jobs

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