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Imperial – Monocouche Rendering Birmingham


Imperial are a high quality rendering company specializing in monocouche rendering In Birmingham plus also all over the West Midlands for Private home owners and small developers.


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 We have a fully trained team of renderers based in Birmingham, whom have extensive experience working with the following products:

  • Weber Pral
  • K-Rend
  • Parex Lanko
  • Sto render
  • Traditional sand and cement render
  • Monocouche render (one coat)
  • ​Sandtex high build
  • Through coloured render


Here at Imperial we know the importance of not only the quality of rendering needs to be high once done but also when done the render need to stay on the wall as too many other jobs done by our competitors start to crack and fall due to bad practices, this is why we offer a guarantee on all work we undertake.

Monocouche (aka one coat render) - This is a one coat application render, available in a number of different colors. Mounocouche has a very modern scratched texture finish and is used on a lot of new build properties.


Weber render- supply a number of different render products including monocouche through color renders please click on link to visit their website.             

Weber website


Ivory Monocouche weber render house picture    scraped finish weber rendering 

Bungalow in Sutton Coldfield      

      Rendered in weber monocouche render (Ivory).

      Finished with a scraped  modern finish.

      (pictured right)  


Machine Rendering Specialists

All monocouche is mixed and applied with our rendering machines, this enables us to get a consistent colour to our mixes which stops colour patching which often occurs when hand mixing, as mixes tend to be drier or wetter which slightly changes the colour and is noticeable after application.

Monocouche names: Please be aware that monocouche is also known as through coloured rendering and also scraped render, its often specified by different architects with these different names so thought it would be best to clarify.